It's now scheduled—no need for you to be home.

You're safe with Homigo. We can install a cloud-based system you can access anywhere. It will be installed tomorrow—please confirm.

Interesting question: do you guys clean up raccoon poop from the yard?

Discover how we've virtually managed our clients' unique service requests.

Your house is all locked up. Happy to be on your team :)


At home



Can I get a quote for upholstering my 5 piece sectional?

The roofer is on her way over right now—go for gold!

Go to your main shutoff valve in the crawl space under the basement stairway. Turn the handle counterclockwise. A plumber is on her way.

Do not panic, we've handled it before. We have someone scheduled to visit today. In the meantime, clean linens, bedding, curtains and clothing in hot water...

I need my eaves done ASAP but I work late all week.

There’s a leak in my roof but we’re leaving for a Hockey Tournament!

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ways to save time.

Can you put the keys back in the lockbox when you’re done? We trust you.

Ok, we’re hosting a party tonight and the heat just went out—can you help?

We woke up to my ceiling dripping on us. Do you know what’s happening?

Don’t sweat it. We’re on the

way to fix it this minute.

It's the snow melting on the roof. The roofer is coming.

I broke the handle off of the kitchen fridge. Can you order a replacement?

It's been ordered & shipped. Your total is $75.32 tax incl.

A pipe burst in the basement! What do we do!?

Someone broke into the house next door! How fast can you install cameras for us?!

These are our favourite words! Great memories :)

We just got bed bugs, ahhh! Our family is petrified :( What can you do??

Of course! Did you know it's actually quite hazardous?

Something new! Absolutely. We know the right person.

You guys made our Halloween! Thanks for bringing pumpkins for the family :)

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